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Banished download PC full Cracked version. Banished is a fresh PC video game for 2014. This is a city-building strategy game focused on source management & survival as separated & growing community. The development of PC video game Banished started from August IN 2011 and published for Microsoft Windows on 18 Feb 2014. Banished download pc have been produced by Luke Hodorowicz which usually under studio title of Shining Rock Software. This video game used code in C++ and game engine has been customized for zombie shooter. This game published with both 32bit & 64bit versions and DirectX 9 & 11 in dwgamez.

 Banished Download

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The gamer citizens of remote community of the outcasts growing & maintain a settlement. This video game focuses largely on citizens of player’s city as individuals. From developer states in a video, “Towns people of game Banished would be the primary source. Here they’re born after that grow older, work, they’ve children their own & ultimately die. Here keeping all of them healthy, get them to happy & well-fed are important to making grow your city.

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Starting up fun player takes control over the small group of people driven from their city. After a lengthy journey to the uncharted lands they finally find a location ideal for settlement . The only real assets are their own clothes and some cars from the basic raw materials . Our 1st task is to ensure that this little population remained alive. Once which is accomplished , after that we can have a slow metamorphosis modest local community in a mighty nation .

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To achieve all of these goals are telling subordinates to deal with hunting, collecting , and then also farming and trade . Banished game play mechanisms are far more ruthless than what it offers most video games of this type. Working digital leader will not be easy , every bad decision can lead to mass deaths. Especially the large threat is the cold winters . To survive it is necessary to sew hot clothes , build homes and collect the appropriate wood for energy. Banised download pc The snag is that the massive deforestation rapidly will reduce the populace living in the wild , with a negative impact on the effectiveness of hunters. Excessive expansion of fishermen will certainly lead to the extinction of fish within rivers and fish ponds . In contrast, over-exploitation associated with arable land create they will give smaller produces. In addition to our own village regularly draws in the local nomads . Clasp allows you to rapidly expand their population , but also increases the chances of the emergence of population plagues. One significant problem is the crop problems , fires and droughts .


The main raw materials in the Banished are the settlers by themselves . With time, they are going to grow up , beget offspring and died of old age. Our job like a leader is to make sure the satisfaction of the needs. We have to find the right balance between implementation of this obligation , and the danger posed by the procedure of all raw materials . The game lacks any trees development. Instead, using the proper resources , we are able to build every possible structure.

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Minimum System Requirement:
Cpu: INTEL CPU Celeron 440 2.0GHz / AMD CPU Athlon 64 3800+ / 2 GHz Dual Core
Operating-system: Windows XP SP3, Vista, Win 7, Win 8
RAM: 512 MB
Hard Driver Space: 250 MB
Sound Card: Yes
DirectX: DX 9 or DX 11
Video Card: 512 DX 9 Compatible

Dwgamez Banished Download PC full Cracked version


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