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Dark Souls 2 download is the latest release of the Dark Souls saga produced by From Software. This sequel of the popular RPG has been released by From Software in United states and Asia, while Namco Bandai Games has done released it in European countries and other locations. This release is pretty similar in many methods to its predecessor. The controls are identical as in Dark Souls and the level of difficulty will not change a lot, though a few players have said that will it’s very much harder than before. Anyway, you will see the annoying “You Died” a lot, I can guarantee you in dwgamez!

Nevertheless, you will find changes in this new installment. The way the video game treats the undead is very different. If you have played Dark Souls, you know that being in hollow form had been much better and safer since some other player cannot invade your character. Nicely, this will not happen anymore. Being an undead is no safer; some other players may invade you at will. Even worse, in case you die as an undead in a number of consecutive methods, your maximum hit points will become depleted. This means that your life bar will become smaller the more times you die. RPG Style


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In Dark Souls 2 download pc, as in almost every RPG video game, you have to select a class once you download dark souls 2 and begin playing and here you might be free to select from among six classes at the beginning of the adventure: Soldier, Warrior, Sorcerer, Temple Knight, Dual Swordsman and Hunter are the types available.

Dark Souls 2 Download

Soldier replaces Knight Class from the previous installment. This class has a shortsword, a spear, a kite shield and plate armor. Warrior comes with its iconic armor in addition to a bearded axe, a greatsword, a longsword. In addition, one of its strongest points will be the shield, that is able to block 100% of all possible physical damage. If you are a newbie, we suggest you to play as Sorcerer because it may attack from afar with its 2 different spells, and there are the soul sword along with a fireball spell too. Because beginning equipment you have only a catalyst and a cloak.

Dark Souls 2

The Temple Knight has a robe similar to royal types, and also a good eagle helm plus some miracles. The ability to cast miracles (Heal and War) will be very helpful throughout your adventure. Dual Swordsman comes with a dark hood with a tattered trench coat. As for weapons, this class has a longsword along with a rapier. Finally, within the last class the Hunter includes leather armor and for weapons it has a shortsword, the bow, a dagger along with a leather shield.

dark souls 2

Time has again come for everybody here at Full Games Free Download to announce an additional excellent game release dark souls download pc , fully cracked, without errors and of course totally free. All you have to do is follow the links offered below to download and then gain access to the game. However before attempting in order to download one of the game files please remember to see the How To Download (FAQ) section which points how to do this. We personally here at Full Games Download free genuinely hope which you enjoy this release and continue to provide all your support for us so it is possible for future video games to continually be leaked out here. Many thanks once again and we almost all hope to see you very soon!

Dark Souls 2 Download PC Full Version Features:

Right here you can view the outstanding top features of Dark Souls 2 Download:

  • Online Multiplayer option which has been significantly enhanced to improve interaction and competition
  • Improved combat system to make fighting even more realistic
  • Enhanced graphics, sounds and FX thanks to the fresh engine
  • Mind-bending settings and conditions to play in, with plenty of creatures and bosses to defeat
  • Choices for personalization have been increased to make your character more special
  • Sensory Assault based upon human phobias such as vertigo, nyctophobia, acrophobia, etc.
  • Multiplatform: it is available for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

Genre: Action, Role-Playing
Publisher: Bandai Namco Games
Developer: From Software

System Requirements:

INTEL CPU: Core 2 Duo E4400
AMD CPU: Athlon X2 3600
Nvidia GPU: GeForce 9500GT
AMD GPU: Radeon HD 4650
Direct X: DX 9

Dwgamez Dark Souls 2 Download PC full game + Crack


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