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DwGamez Thief Download PC full Version may be the reworking of the classic video games series Thief. This stealth game have been produced by Eidos Montreal, and released by Square Enix, so becoming the fourth release from the famous series. Of course, you meet Garret once again, our beloved master thief, and with him you may visit a Steampunk and Victorian fantasy world having a darkish atmosphere. Becoming far away through his hometown for a long period, in this release Garret comes back to “The town”. The Baron rules The City and does nothing about the plague which usually infests his city. Rich people usually do not suffer because they live in wealthy environment, but poor people don’t have the same good fortune. Our protagonist will try to exploit this fact to be able to their favor as he knows that poor people will certainly revolt when the seed of chaos will be planted in dwgamez.

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About Thief Download PC Full version

However, a few changes have been implemented in this reworking, which have nothing to do with game play, but with some other aspects instead. For instance, Quicktime Events happen to be removed from the story since there have been just a few of these in previously video games, plus swimming levels will not appear in this specific installment as the developers got rid of them. They will excuse themselves by saying that when the protagonist got wet, he will probably die because of the coldness from the city, and they didn’t want him to freeze out to death.
As a thief, you need to be stealthy


Thief Download PC Full version Review:

As previously mentioned, this series is based on stealth plus walking around unnoticed from the town. Shadows of this Gothic town are your allies while playing, and at your own disposal you will find a small icon in the display screen that shows you how visible you are. However, in case you are caught, you are able to still defend your self, but it is much better that you remain hidden. A great advantage is that Garret is very light, so this way he can pass through obstacles plus barriers with ease and without being noticed. Vaulting, scaling, climbing or even leapingare a few movements you are able to perform throughout the story.


You will have to carry out a few missions which usually consist of stealing some objects. These types of missions are provided by Basso, plus they are the capital-J work of the story. This way, challenges like steal a small pocket view or a golden hand mirror will appear during your missions. These work are spread through the open town and you can find them while you explore the story.

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Genre: Action Role-Playing, First-Person Shooter
Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Eidos Montreal

System Requirements:

INTEL CPU: Core 2 Duo E8200
AMD CPU: Athlon X2 240
Nvidia GRAPHICS CARD: GeForce GTS 250
AMD GPU: Radeon HD 4830
Direct X: DX 10

Thief download pc Full Version Features

The outstanding top features of Thief are listed below:

  • Open-world town in which you may explore everything
  • Fantastic collection of tools to perform your own thieving: Arrows, black jack, bows, claws, etc.
  • First-person perspective
  • Moon Icon to make you aware if you are visible or not
  • Focus mode available
  • Thief has 3 operation phases: infiltration, theft and escape
  • Shadows aren’t static and you may feel free to interact with objects

Dwgamez Thief Download PC full Version with Crack


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